These lessons follow the same general curriculum as the in-person lessons. They are based on a classical or traditional approach to figure drawing, and are offered in blocks of four 1-hour-long weekly sessions.

Beginners are welcome!

To get a well-rounded experience in figure drawing we’ll be covering four basic approaches:

1.) Anatomical (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

2.) Sculptural (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

3.) Retinal (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

4.) Rhythmical (beginner / intermediate / advanced)

Details about each of these approaches will be provided.

One of the figure references that I’ll be using for these lessons is Scott Eaton’s Bodies in Motion, at:

The cost for each block of four sessions is $80. If you’d like to be notified about the lesson dates & times just add your name and your email to my Sign Up form, at: