Chloe Hunderfund | Drawing Student

“Alex is an excellent art teacher who understands how to balance the technical with the creative. He is able to teach advanced artistic techniques in an easily accessible and engaging way. Alex understands and values his students’ artistic preferences and is willing to work with them to help cultivate their own styles. When I took classes with him, he really helped me to level up my own work.”

Chloe Hunderfund | Drawing StudentUlster County, NY
Letecia Stewart | Executive Director of I‘RAISE Girls & Boys Int’l. Corp.

“As an Art Instructor within my organization, Alex volunteered his time to engage a group of our youth, teaching them some of the finer points of drawing. As participants of Alex’s class, the kids learned about character development and various techniques to bring their characters to life through imagery. The students’ consistent participation from week to week made it easy to tell how much they enjoyed the class. I am grateful to Alex for contributing his time to the organization and expanding our youth’s creative abilities.”

Letecia Stewart | Executive Director of I‘RAISE Girls & Boys Int’l. Corp.Bronx, NY
Julian Starks | Drawing Class Student

“Alex was great at teaching me to draw angles and understand how to see things from different perspectives.”

Julian Starks | Drawing Class StudentNew Paltz, NY
Angela Starks | Parent of Drawing Class Student

“I want to say how much I appreciate the art lessons you are providing for Julian . . . he enjoyed the lesson.”

Angela Starks | Parent of Drawing Class StudentNew Paltz, NY
Benjamin Glumack | Drawing Class Student

“I think you were great in giving input and comments on my work. This made me focus on the feeling I wanted my drawings to convey.”

Benjamin Glumack | Drawing Class StudentFort Collins, CO
Ivy Harbison | Painting Class Student

“I think that you really listen . . . I appreciate this a lot.”

Ivy Harbison | Painting Class StudentFort Collins, CO
Suzanne Murphy | Drawing Student

“Alex, you are wise, patient and kind. My drawings are improving. Thanks.”

Suzanne Murphy | Drawing StudentNew Paltz, NY