Julian Starks | Drawing Class Student

“Alex was great at teaching me to draw angles and understand how to see things from different perspectives.”

Julian Starks | Drawing Class StudentNew Paltz, NY
Angela Starks | Parent of Drawing Class Student

“I want to say how much I appreciate the art lessons you are providing for Julian . . . he enjoyed the lesson.”

Angela Starks | Parent of Drawing Class StudentNew Paltz, NY
Benjamin Glumack | Drawing Class Student

“I think you were great in giving input and comments on my work. This made me focus on the feeling I wanted my drawings to convey.”

Benjamin Glumack | Drawing Class StudentFort Collins, CO
Ivy Harbison | Painting Class Student

“I think that you really listen . . . I appreciate this a lot.”

Ivy Harbison | Painting Class StudentFort Collins, CO
Suzanne Murphy | Drawing Student

“Alex, you are wise, patient and kind. My drawings are improving. Thanks.”

Suzanne Murphy | Drawing StudentNew Paltz, NY