Alex Canelos

Founder & “Senior Apprentice”

Alex Canelos was born in Queens, New York to immigrant parents from Ecuador and Spain. His first formal painting studies began at the age of nine. He currently lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, Rachel, and his son, Joe.

He studied illustration at Parsons School of Design, figure drawing & anatomy at the New York Art Academy, Renaissance painting materials & techniques, linear perspective & art history at Colorado State University, and Waldorf education at the Alkion Center in Ghent, New York.

His paintings have been exhibited at the First Street Gallery (New York City), St. John’s University (Queens), Indiana State University (Terre Haute), the Thomas Moser Showroom (New York City), Roost Studio (New Paltz), and numerous national juried exhibitions. His illustrations have appeared in various publications, including The New York Times Book Review, Cook’s Illustrated magazine, and Taunton’s Kitchen Garden.

He has taught figure drawing & painting at Colorado State University, color theory, design & painting at Pratt Institute, graphic design at SUNY New Paltz, drawing & painting at the New Paltz Society of Friends First Day School, 4th grade general studies at the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, and comic book illustration at the I’Raise youth organization in the Bronx.