Studio Figure Drawing, by César Meza Anguiano

Figure Drawing 3

The emphasis of this class is on the composition of figures in pictorial space from the imagination. Gesture studies, memory, imagination and class poses are used as sources for figures, which are developed and/or modified for formal and expressive reasons. The single figure is treated as the primary compositional element. Methods of organizing volumetrically conceived bodies in space are explored by studying the drawings of past masters. Students learn to modify existing lighting conditions, as well as to invent imaginary light sources.

The Classes

4-week block:
Days: Mondays through Saturdays
Hours: contact us for details
Cost: $120 for four classes
Location: The Sevenfold Guild for Collaborative Art, New Paltz, NY

* Live model is only available when a minimum of 4 students are enrolled. Otherwise, we draw from high quality classical plaster casts.

For more information contact Alex Canelos at (845) 255-7612, or through the Contact page.