Reclining Figure, by Juliette Aristides

Figure Drawing 2

This class emphasizes proportional accuracy, foreshortening, detail-mass relationships and the use of light and shadow to draw the figure as a convincing volumetric and spatial form. It integrates the conceptual geometricized model presented in Figure Drawing 1 with the perceptual, naturalistic concerns presented by the live model. Long poses allow the student to develop drawings that reflect a more complete realization of the human form.

The Classes

4-week block:
Days: Mondays through Saturdays
Hours: contact us for details
Cost: $120 for four classes
Location: The Sevenfold Guild for Collaborative Art, New Paltz, NY

* Live model is only available when a minimum of 4 students are enrolled. Otherwise, we draw from high quality classical plaster casts.

For more information contact Alex Canelos at (845) 255-7612, or through the Contact page.