Plaster cast of David’s eye, full sculpture by Michelangelo

Cast Drawing

Drawing from plaster casts represents an essential practice within the classical tradition. As examples of great sculptural art, the casts reward close study with insights into how reality is abstracted, simplified, clarified and translated into artistic form. Particular attention is directed toward heads, facial features and hands. Artistic theories of light and shade are presented. Both linear and atmospheric depictions of sculptural form are extensively explored. This class also includes doing copies of master drawings. A wonderful way to understand the decision making process used by another artist!

The Classes

4-week block:
Days: Mondays through Saturdays
Hours: contact us for details
Cost: $120 for four classes
Location: The Sevenfold Guild for Collaborative Art, New Paltz, NY

* Live model is only available when a minimum of 4 students are enrolled. Otherwise, we draw from high quality classical plaster casts.

For more information contact Alex Canelos at (845) 255-7612, or through the Contact page.