Here’s a time lapse video of me drawing my hand (as seen in a mirror). The actual drawing took about an hour.

One reservation I have about posting these kind of videos is that they risk giving the impression that drawing from life is a quick and easy process. In reality, there are years of experience that are needed to even begin to draw well. I’m still learning!

This may be a good place to share a quote from artist, animator, and educator, Maxine Schacker:

In the end, we are not just an “eye.” The artist who is knowledgeable selects what is essential, emphasizes what is necessary and does this on many levels. In my view, art is about expression. When I look at a Velasquez, a Rembrandt, a Degas, I’m seeing the world through that artist’s eyes. Art is not about surface perfection. We try to master composition, color, anatomy — all the stuff of our craft — so that we will have the tools to express our deepest feelings and reactions to life.